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Oxivir® Tb Ready to Use Surface Cleaner & Intermediate Level Disinfectant, General Virucide, Bactericide, Tuberculocide is a ready-to-use disinfectant cleaner based on proprietary hydrogen peroxide (AHP®) technology to deliver fast, effective cleaning performance. Oxivir® Tb Wipes is a one-step cleaner disinfectant wipe.

The 60-second contact time and broad-spectrum activity means that infection control professionals can be confident that they can use the disinfectant properly. In addition to their efficacy, Oxivir® Tb and Oxivir® Tb Wipes have an excellent environmental profile. Both products are essentially non-irritating to eyes and skin.

Key Benefits of Oxivir® Tb and Oxivir® Tb Wipes:

*Realistic 60-second contact time increases the likelihood of proper usage.

*Kills Norovirus, MRSA and VRE.

*Regular use helps reduce costs associated with HAIs, including extended hospital stays and treatment.

*Oxivir® Tb can be used with microfiber cleaning tools with no loss of active ingredients.
*Non-corrosive formula is safe on most healthcare hard, nonporous surfaces.
*Meets bloodborne pathogen standards for decontaminating blood and body fluids.


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